Issue Two


“Are friends delight or pain?”


“But if only they stay”

As the sun shines bright

Gone with the night

A frightful friend

“Is bliss, then, such abyss”


In trials

Then, will you fight?

See the light?

There is a reason for a shielded heart

Thrashed inordinately causes a heart to tatter

Are true friends ever to be found?

Is there an end to the pugnat?

I recall a time with no rage

Pure bliss, happiness

The comfortability to speak with no condemnation

Take care then

With a heart

‘Tis a fragile commodity

Is it possible that a person can change so much in the blink of an eye?

What is the point of a facade?

Is it to fill a void?

Is it the defeat of others that brings you to joy?

The ignorance of the heart

Will not listen to the wisdom of your brain

I did not know

Or did I?

I have seen, but denied

I hoped, I must confide

Trusted you, I did

Splintered my heart, you did

I had never seen malice as your intent

But what then could it be?

I do not know what to believe

You want forgiveness?

Is it worth the risk?

Is it true when you admit you were mistaken?

Back to the facade of bliss, is what I wish

To be naive again

A time when I truly trusted in you

I must accept that we will never be as we were

The glitter you display

Is no match for the dullness of  your heart

Miserable is a heart at war with itself

Alas I forgive

But never to forget

A mask for the pain caused

My heart must not continue to be bruised

To forgive offers relief

Wary with my heart I have become 


is my effort with you


I leave regret to meander in your mind

“If any ask me why,

‘T were easier to die

Than to tell.”


I must not fear pain

Not all will inflict agony

I hold hope through the torment


           “When I hoped I feared,

             Since I hoped I dared,”


“Hope Is the thing with feathers”


About Trinity Chastain
Trinity Chastain is a student writer from Thomas University. She is a Film Studies Major, and she enjoys creative writing, playing soccer, skateboarding, and going to the beach. She plans to continue writing in poetry and prose and hopes to one day write a book. This will be her first publication, and she hopes to publish more in the future. She is excited with her new found love for reading and writing poetry, and is planning to continue her education in writing by adding a minor in creative writing.