Tabitha Clara Krambier

Issue One, Student

o! divine dining

o! my physalia

my portuguese man of war

it is your time

the cephalopods are singing

your tune

up above the profundal noise

of your constantly swelling

mangrove home.

your salinity, i mean

your divinity

upwells around me

a dino


caught in the current

with no choice

but to follow you,

my physalia.

the abyssal plain

is approaching

too fast

it is ingesting me



o! the oxygen tension

is off

watch that bubble there

it’s floating


there goes my last


a gift

to you

the king of biota.

a solute, i mean

a salute

to you

my mighty


About Tabitha Clara Krambier
Tabitha Clara is a fourth year at the University of Georgia.