Issue Two

About Her Silence
I am an artist, poet, writer, and overall creative who centers healing and Sickle Cell advocacy within my differing creative mediums. My experiences as a Nigerian daughter fuel my art, which has been instrumental to my growth as a creative. I chose Her Silence as my poet’s name because she speaks from a place of solitude. I currently have an art business named Àdùkẹ́ Adé which incorporates my poetry and overall healing work for the black community. I created "Passing Qibla" after my maternal grandmother passed in September 2019, this is an epitaph for her. We, including her and my paternal grandmother, have the same Oriki name, Àdùkẹ́. Àdùkẹ́ meaning a daughter we love to cherish/pamper, and Adé relating to royalty; I am looking forward to this new venture bringing me more hope and freedom in my creative work and astrological mediumship.