kelly mckay

Issue One, Student


Seven billion germs and I’m chaste. I can’t make rotten or pretty

any of the moments that hang in my eyes pushing the air out of their way.

I took a handful of water and thought this is one piece and I watched

it drop without knowing anymore about it than I did while it clung to my palm. I put

its beads back into my eyes and quiet, so quiet, I breathed by an answer. I’ve

forgotten every epiphany I’ve ever had. I can’t make sense while I am wrung

out and hung by my ankles. Seeing things upside down, loosing liquid and unable to mend, I can’t

meaning-make. I leave my hand under my head to catch what falls.

I look up and think

this is one part

Meantime the moments spill and I can’t make them count

About Kelly McKay
Kelly McKay is a junior at Temple University.