Keeba Oglesby-Jelks

Issue Two

Ugh, this is frustrating and the hardest decision

The simplicity of the world

The argument of our lives

How can we both understand?

Two different paths

Two different dreams 

One night of stars and darkened skies

One day of unrealistic desires

I cry and scream, scream and cry 

But, take the reigns and continue to grow

Closed my eyes and walked away

The heart is full, tears hidden by glasses

Shielding such a loss

Ripped from my body and taken far away

We will never see you growing 

Coming to terms with what is never coming back

Do we name you? Do we acknowledge you?

Do we forget about you? Or is it just my loss only

I felt you but knew what circumstances awaited

The journey of being the rock, mountain and the shield 

Too much to bear

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Will you understand or will you continue to fight?

Will you help or will you walk away?

My loss alone or our loss together?

My family alone or our family together?

Decisions, decisions, decisions

About Keeba Oglesby-Jelks
Keeba Oglesby-Jelks is a mother, educator and recent Master's graduate of Thomas University who lives in Decatur, Georgia. This is her first published piece of literary work.