Issue Two


My feet keep patting even though there is no music

My knees keep bending like I’s about to run

My hips keep swaying with the rolls of water

My stomach keeps churning with no smells in the distance

My heart keeps pounding like fear is a new day dawning

My neck keeps cracking like it needs the touch of relief

My head keeps thinking even though there are no plans

My back keeps locking like someone is being carried

Now, How come?


Daddy played music in his own band

My daddy’s mama picked cotton in the fields

My mother’s mama was a seamstress

My mother’s father was a chef

My uncle was a preacher

My aunt was a nurse

My mother was an avid reader

My God placed them all in me

Gifts and talents are inherited

Look deep and you will find yourself

In Africa, In Europe, In South Carolina

Your background runs deep

Whether you work with my hands

Become a Business Owner or a Musician

Get on the Train, Be seated, Look out the Window

And you will surely feel

The emotional upheaval with Anxious unrest

However all the puzzle pieces of the mental health pattern

Will be Staring back at you

Uh oh! The depot is a coming

Is the next stop mine?


Someone else’s?

Shall I get off?


Stay comfy in the assembly of blood, soul and destiny?

Choose for yourself

Charter the course, remain true

Believe in everything

Learn your indelible history

Deep roots will guide you.

About Kareem Spain