Kaelyn Robertson

Issue One, Student

The Future Is Bright

Ruined and polluted
Skies are charcoal black
Like the darkened screen of computers
And phones
To talk to people thousands of miles away
But never feel the warmth of their touch
And televisions with
 Images that tell stories of violence and horror
Machines advance
But humans do not
Doomed to repeat history
Continuing to judge and kill one another
Start a war
Make peace
Start a war
Sell our souls to the devil
Not a red man with horns and a tail
But money-hungry corporations
No dreams left, those are now
Childlike wishes made from petals of a daffodil
Replaced with crisp, green dollar bills in pockets
And still, they will say “The future is bright.”

About Kaelyn Robertson
Kaelyn Robertson is a student at Thomas University.