Issue Two


“Blah blah blah a bunch of whatever,” he says, but
it is more than that. This is a gilled mushroom. Four
kinds. Some are purple.

Human eyeball, wingspan diagram, fungi recycles
nutrients. Plant cells are different from animal cells.
DNA passes from parents to children.

This is a maple leaf, and this is a cross section of
an annelid.

What else could we cut open and draw? As we drew,
we ask each other, what did you wonder? What did
you realize?

“There is more to a bird wing then you can see on the
outside looking in,” is what she noticed. What if we
had one insight like this every day?

“While I was drawing the bread mold,” is an amazing
dependent clause, if I may. And it continues, “I was
wondering…” Ask her about the details, but appreciate

“While I was drawing the bread mold, I was wondering…”
Some shared lists of other things they’d like to draw:
snakes, rats, bugs, annelids, flowers…

There are certainly worse ways to spend a few hours.

About Jonathan Ellingson
Jonathan Ellingson is a writer, teacher, and storyteller. He lives in Oregon with his wife and son and daughter and a growing typewriter collection.