Jeffrey Hecker

Issue Three

Idaho, 2070

Coeur d’Alene is a bunch of sisters having babies to save their mother from depression. 

Tarzan’s author is from Parma. Boise is scorpions backing up. Lava formed a long tube 

bog lemmings walk through Kuna. Bannock County Chubbuck, past the cannonball cabbage. 

Rathdrum prays to remove Perpetua from the state seal. Warm River’s four residents mostly 

pathological gambling winners. Only a swimmer suffering myopia knows Pocatello–water’s 

another cornea, for a second everything’s clear. Dreary the blink back to regular blur. Good 

Grief appeared on Hee Haw and short seven-minute bus ride from being out of this country.

About Jeffrey Hecker
Jeffrey Hecker is the author of Rumble Seat (San Francisco Bay Press, 2011) & chapbooks Hornbook (Horse Less Press, 2012), Instructions for the Orgy (Sunnyoutside Press, 2013), Before He Let Them Guide Sleigh (ShirtPocket Press, 2013) & Ark Aft (The Magnificent Field, 2020). Recent work appears in South Dakota Review, Yalobusha Review, Posit, Heavy Feather Review, & BathHouse Journal. A graduate of Old Dominion Univ., he’s a fourth-generation Hawaiian American, teaches at The Muse Writers Center (Norfolk, VA), & reads for Quarterly West. @jeffrey_hecker