Brittany Hudson-Weeks

Issue Three


This space, 

            so new and full of light and air.

Warmed by the possibilities,

solid foundations of which my heart resides

Basking, I rejoice.

Here, this space brings about my deepest joys.

The first of its kind

The smallest of my selves boasting with pride

            Smirking with envy, mirthful eyes

Each piece thoughtfully picked

Each item designed, puzzle pieces of

What she brings

            What I brought

Together, we created solace.

Tickingling behind my yes, I rejoice.

            Not once had I considered what my life could be

This space, 

            my space, 


Hearts so filled, bursting

I have the world, 

            in this space…

My space, 



About Brittany Hudson Weeks
Brittany Hudson-Weeks is a soon-to-be Master's graduate of Thomas University. She has always loved writing and has always wanted to share her musings with others. This is her first published piece of literary work.