Antonio Vergueiro

Issue One, Student

The marriage between the me and the I

Suddenly everything is blue

Clouds fainted away

I’ve dribbled through them

Past them all

They came at me and I just dodged

Dodged them all to a place I could be

All by myself

The marriage between the “me” and the “I”

They looked as I passed by

Didn’t attack me

Didn’t tackle

Just watched me go

They knew better because now

Past all the chaos

Past all the clouds that only wanted me well

I’m alone in a paradise of nothing at all

Married to myself and wanting a divorce

Sky so clear

A blue so vivid

So simple

It makes me want the clouds

But the clouds don’t want me no more

Suddenly everything is blue.

About Antonio Vergueiro
Antonio Vergueiro is a student at Santa Monica College.