Issue Two

Twentynine Palms

December rasp, dust in stream,

lust of color illumined. The dealer

smears the stars & splits

a stone decked & assembled

by yesterday’s air. Tumbleweeds

gambol sunward, and, in the dusk,

by their shadows, weave the sky

into the sand—

Over Anatolia

The mountain ranges

serrated by ice

dry on the skyline

and a gossamer of fog

facades the beveled sea below… 

Ahead of me, all heaven

collapses into the child who wriggles

in his seat, sneezes, & drapes the plane’s

window in drool. Airplane hum 

of hours and miles, for that moment, 

I am Spinoza, grinding an iris 

on the edge of everything— . 

Law is the Veins

Poetry’s pith, law is the veins

of money, & hurricanes of the dead,

defenseless hover over us– 

Birth of the Drone– 

Silicone trills

guiding light

insect twist & shimmer

silicone trills

blindfold time



silicone trills

crime night– 

About Andrew Rader Hanson
Andrew Rader Hanson attends university in Naples, Florida where he lifts weights, reads widely, and works seasonally on the boat. His poetry has been accepted by Clackamas Literary Review, Ginosko Literary Journal, Voices de La Luna, and more. He was also selected as a finalist for the Key West Literary Seminar’s Scotti Merril Poetry Award.